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Let's Take A Glimpse

I'm Rebecca_Baby.  I am a self assured, all natural, conscientiously well groomed woman filled with pure excitement in an electrifying down to earth package.


If you are seeking an exquisite woman who can stimulate you intellectually as well as sensually you may have found your match. Do not be shy, I posses the unique ability to put you at ease while captivating your mind and invigorating body.

I am well-educated, multifaceted and can hold my own in conversation. I am a lady by day and an adventuress by night! My charm and fun free spirit are sure to entertain and inspire your attention.



I have a solid frame standing 5'7'' with a toned athletic physique (153 lbs), skin soft as silk you have to feel to believe, alluring smile, intriguing eyes, 36b perky breasts, thought-provoking ass, all held up by long and strong swimmer's legs.



Please do not let my looks or my sassy deviously fun attitude intimidate you.  If you’re looking for an unforgettable time with a classy woman then I am the one for you.  I am an extremely friendly, optimistically positive,  open minded, mature, discreet, and understanding woman, who strives for us both to have a memorable time.  I have a unique ability to relate with people right away.  My calm soothing nature will quickly put you at ease while my sensual, alluring and enticing presence will immediately put you in the mood for an invigorating adventure. I am witty and charming.  I enjoy telling a good story and making people laugh.  


I am the perfect lady whether we are out on the town, spending some quiet time relaxing alone, or in the midst of an erotic fantasy.  No matter the scenario, I very much enjoy and value our time spent together.  The experience we will create will not soon to be forgotten.


Some activities I am passionate about include working out, fitness, nutrition, traveling, live theatre, dancing, scuba diving, running, reading, hiking, swimming, laughing, indulging in delicious eclectic cuisine, relaxing on a nice quiet stroll and of course shopping.  


I have a great sense of humor (I am the most hilarious person I know) and I relish in joking around.  


I truly love the heat, the beach (sand, sun and palm trees) and fun escapades.  Being outdoors, adventurous and spontaneous keep me young, excited and enthralled  :)


Please join me in creating lasting memories,



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