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Imagination Land

Please note these are all fantasy reviews and do not depict real events!





When Rebecca Baby visits my area, I try to see her at least once a year, as I have for the past 5 or so years.  While I have seen her in multiple cities, she often makes a special detour to see me.

Our typical visit starts with her opening the door, wearing nice lingerie, freshly showered and groomed, with a welcoming peek on the cheek.  We spend some time reacquainting ourselves, verbally and physically, until slowing moving toward the bed.  Rebecca remains attuned to the rhythms of our bodies, pausing only to ensure safety, and makes sure that our pleasure is simultaneous.  Her pictures represent her well, and reflect a toned, but soft body, perky, and with bright, intelligent eyes.


Afterward, while cuddling, we discuss hobbies, and nutrition, one of her interests, until we realize that time has slipped us by, and we must part ways. One of my most cherished memories was when we managed to find a little extra time to have dinner afterwards, where it felt like two old friends visiting after a too long hiatus.


Rebecca is a professional as she quickly replies to reference requests and helps with referrals to various sites.  She promptly answers emails and tries to make schedules work.  All in all, I long for our next tryst.


~ Nematoda





Becca is an angel as far as I’m concerned. She’s fun, sexy, hot, and game for what turns me on. And she likes what she’s doing!  All I can say is thank you!


~ BB



Early in 2019 I finally had the good fortune to spend time with Rebecca Baby. I cleared her screen some months earlier, but our schedules never coincided until this stormy wintry day.


The storm delayed her arrival. When she was ready she contacted me with the specifics. I entered her unlatched hotel room door to find her awaiting me behind the door in a sexy red bra and panties set. She is who you see in the pictures and even better! We hugged and gave a brief kiss on the cheek before I headed to freshen up.


Upon my return I found Rebecca Baby on the bed, sitting up with a pillow behind her and her legs outstretched. She beckoned me to join her. I did not hesitate. We embraced as if reuniting from a long separation, though this marked our first time together.


In time our clothes were flying and we were enjoying one another in various ways. Rebecca Baby definitely keeps pleasure at the forefront. Mixed in with this is engaging conversation and some fun humor.


Since that day winter moved on, but rather slowly. Rebecca Baby returned on winter-like spring day where I again got to enjoy her company.


Rest assured that when Rebecca Baby and I are in the same town at the same time, I will be setting up a time with her.


~ Fred



I had the opportunity to meet Rebecca several years ago after contemplating a meeting for far too long.  So, don’t do as I and reach out sooner.  My schedule is crazy and she has always been more than accommodating.  Actually, outstanding!  However, she has many much finer attributes!  Every meeting has been more energetic than the last and if you treat her right, you will be rewarding by her skills.  Becca, is so easy going, has a great body and a smile with a look of naughty-ness, that is sure to please.


~ Darren



I have seen Becca over a dozen times. I like meeting with Becca for several reasons. One is that she is always ready on time and wears a sexy little wisp of lingerie. A second reason is that she is an excellent conversationalist. She is intelligent and able to converse on many items. The third reason is that she is skilled at taking care of a man and makes sure that I have a very  enjoyable time.  Becca is an excellent companion; a woman with whom it is a pleasure to spend time. The hour always goes past too quickly. Oh – did I say that she is not a clock watcher? I will see her again. I strongly recommend that you spend time with Becca.  


~ Bill


I have had a couple meetings with Rebecca.  She is more stunning in person than in her pictures.  She is gorgeous and has beautiful long sexy legs going all the way up to a great tight ass and beautiful perfectly perky breasts.


Our last meeting I met her at her place.  Put the considerations in the appropriate place.  Then it was on.  She has such a soothing way to put you at ease.  In a matter of seconds  she was performing her most awesome talents.  Oh my.  With such a  beautiful woman with such talented skills it was pure ecstasy.  She has all the right moves and knows how to please.  Her awesome skills are excellent.  Please proceed with confidence.  It was a very memorable evening and I can’t wait until our next rendezvous.  It will be epic

~ Bob Q.



I first met Rebecca a few years ago and have made it a point to keep in touch. Our first meeting was simply euphoric. We’ve had maybe ten dates over the years and each encounter is more memorable than the last. Rebecca’s soft touch and particular set of skills are nothing short of amazing. She absolutely caters your individual needs and is great at communicating to maximize the experience for both you and her. Her repertoire spans the full spectrum of desires and her assortment of outfits and personal accessories are pure exhilaration. She is always meticulously prepared: hair, nails, makeup are always on point, her skin as soft as a delicate flower and as sweet as honey. She is remarkably beautiful, personable, engaging, and genuinely makes you feel important and appreciated. I absolutely give her the highest of recommendations.


~ Jason




If you were to line up all of the companions in Portland, you would rank Rebecca in the top five, if not at the very peak.  I have been fortunate enough to meet with her on multiple occasions, each more exciting then the last.


Most recently, I had the chance to see her during a visit to Bend.  She greeted me at the door to her hotel, in a very attractive, short nightgown, which didn’t remain on for very long.  We hugged and began to catch up on recent lives.  


Becca is always in a happy and playful mood.  You need only ask and explain your desires, for her to bend over backward, or forward, in a effort to please you.


To say this lady is beautiful would be a gross understatement.  She is tall, athletic, with soft, natural, and very sensitive curves exactly where they should be.  Yes, she has some very minor safety rules, for both her protection and yours, which I appreciated.  At the same time, she is willing to meet your needs, within those boundaries.


I only wish I lived closer to Portland, as I would do everything in my power to see her on a regular and consistent basis.


~ Oneharley



I’m a middle-aged widower and have been seeing Rebecca for several years now. Communicating with her has always been both expeditious, comfortable and timely. Because she posts and keeps an updated calendar on her website, knowing approximately when she’ll be in my area is pretty easy to see. She also will, from time to time, make changes to that schedule with plenty of advance notice.


Rebecca is very professional and business-like in regards to setting up appointments both for her own safety and yours. That carries over into her insistence on good hygiene for both parties. A thorough handwashing and having freshly showered is an example again, of just good manners.


We have spent time together ranging from an hour to overnight, and she has been comfortable with any and all of those intervals together. It truly has been a pleasure to spend multiple hours with her, sharing a meal, talking about a new film release, sharing opinions on the travels of our lives. Rebecca has been a valuable person to have near me as I transition into this single life again.


There are some things that a gentleman doesn’t discuss, and this forum is no different. Let’s just say that treating Rebecca like the wonderful woman she is, will not be a waste of time, as well as being an adventure with very wide, pleasurable boundaries, as long as her pleasure is assured as well. In fact, I believe her pleasure should and always does come first.


Rebecca is not only a confidante and a companion but a friend as well. I’m honored to be able to say that.


~ Brian



I have known Becca for a few years now. She was the first companion I had ever been with at the start. I was nervous as hell, being my first time and the beauty of this fine lady. We sat on the bed and had a conversation like we had known each other for our entire life. She put my anxiety as ease with her calm and relaxing demeanor. She is beautiful, smart, loaded with worldly common sense and has a sense of humor and wit that is second to none. It was only right she was the one that broke me in.


So each time we get together, it just keeps getting better. To me, it's like getting together with an old girlfriend and picking up where we last left off, it is so easy with Becca. I won't get into details because I want to reserve that for me, but her beauty and wit is what keeps bringing me back to her. I will say, her ass is to die for, hard and athletic, I'm an ass man so she definitely fits that bill. I look forward to our next time together!


~ Darin



I've enjoyed Rebecca's company on numerous occasions and am always glad when she makes my locale a priority while on tour.  She is polite, hassle free, and treats her clients well.  She's very accommodating and open minded...our private time has always been pleasurable and consistently meets or surpasses expectations. I've been very satisfied and look forward to seeing her again soon.    


~ Steve  



I contacted Becca and got a instant reply. A time was agreed on. Communication was great. I arrived at her place and I was greeted by a beauty in a sexy outfit. I went to wash my hands and when I came out she was ready. After a little conversation the fun was on. I must say I was the happiest I have been in a long time. Becca is a wonderful girl. I can't wait to see her again.


~ BGuy



Rebecca is a wonderful companion, fun, flirty, intelligent and engaging. Pictures are her and accurate, I will absolutely see her whenever she visits Bend in the future. I may even brave the big city and go visit her on her turf someday, doing so would certainly make the trip worth the trouble.

~ DefendingBL


Rebecca is always classy. A pleasure in the bedroom and out. If you have never met her, you are in for a treat when you do. I see her whenever I can.

~ Pat


I have been blissfully visiting with another woman for over a year now.  While cuddling after the fact during a recent visit we began musing about inviting another lady to join us. Serendipitously, the next day Rebecca posted an ad, announcing her upcoming visit to Bend. I asked said woman about a duo with Rebecca and received an emphatic “Yes!” in reply.

I was actually a bit nervous about contacting Rebecca. It had been over two years since we last enjoyed one another’s company. Would she remember me? How would she respond to my contacting her out of the blue, asking about a duo with another lady? I need not have worried. Rebecca responded almost immediately. She remembered me fondly and actually recounted some of the funnier incidents of our times together. [It was quite flattering to know that she remembered me so well, without any “I’m the guy who . . .” prompting on my part; I consider myself to be a nice guy, but very average in most respects, so I was pleasantly surprised.] Some quick coordination between the three of us ensued and the visit was set up. Easy peasy.

This other woman and Rebecca met prior to our appointed time to get to know one another. They clicked right away. It was evident that they enjoyed one another’s company and, when we began playing, they played off one another naturally, making each and every experience all the better, with me being the beneficiary. They were both waiting for me when I arrived. Rebecca and I spent a few minutes catching up - and a few lingering hugs and some reminiscing, and then the three of us were off to the races.

I pride myself on my situational awareness and on my excellent memory – understanding everything that is going on around me and being able to recall it in detail for future reference. Not this time. The afternoon was an ongoing whirlwind of breathtakingly sensual activities, each one blending seamlessly into the next. This was the most intensely satisfying experience of my life, but I can’t separate what happened; it’s all a blur. Individually this other woman and Rebecca are both amazing – sweet, oh-so-lovely and well accomplished; together they are phenomenal! By the end of the afternoon I was happily and completely spent.

For the older gents amongst us, the best way I can describe the afternoon is with a reference to “The Great Escape”, one of my favorite World War II movies. Wait – am I actually describing an afternoon with two lovely ladies to a classic war movie? Yes. Or, to be more accurate, to one particular scene – the one wherein Steve McQueen, James Garner and a third actor whose name escapes me, are making moonshine (they are prisoners in a German POW camp). The moonshine is so good, so strong, so intense, that when they taste it, they can barely – just barely - utter the word “Wow!” [Google “The Great Escape – Wow” to see the scene on YouTube.] An afternoon interlude with this other woman and Rebecca –all I can do is barely utter the word “Wow!”

~ Coronel


I have known Rebecca for a few years now and we were finally able to reconnect after many attempts. We were definitely long overdue! Rebecca is such a lovely, down to earth woman. She's very prompt with communication, keeps you updated, and always ready on time....a true professional. She carries her passion to every adventure and will always leave you satisfied. I truly hope we reconnect sooner than later and more often! If you haven't seen her yet, she comes with my highest recommendation.

~ Canell


I had the honor of spending 5 days with Rebecca. We were in Vegas, but there was no gamble with her! If I could afford to be away from work for a month with Rebecca I would. I wish Rebecca would come to my home town more often. I honestly cannot say enough about her. Professional. Beautiful. Respectful. Each time I go somewhere with her I learn so much. She is very addicting.

Another 4 days with Rebecca in Canada

I had the most amazing time with Rebecca! She fulfilled every fantasy I had. But the best times were outside of the room. Doing tourist stuff. Visiting locations as a couple. Long drives where we both learned about each other away from closed doors. Shopping with her is fun, I love spoiling Rebecca and she spoils me in return. Awesome dinners with her. Seeing mutual friends and meeting new ones. I hope to repeat this 4-day mini vacation several times with Rebecca. Giving her a 5 out of 5 just doesn’t go far enough.

~ Gwpm


For years, I've watched Rebecca visit and never once has her schedule meshed with mine. Seeing that she was planning to visit while I was available, I leapt at the chance. Witty, charming, sexy, beautiful, responsive, and kind are the adjectives that best describe her. My patience was rewarded and time well spent. Thank you, Rebecca, for a lovely day.

~ Fortunate


I can honestly say that I have looked at, and admired Rebecca's posts/reviews/pictures for years. Finally got to meet this amazing young lady this past weekend. Always a little concerning when a woman doesn't show her face in pics. No need for concern with her....she is stunning!! And that body is exactly as advertised.

We met at her place, hit it off right away, and the hour flew by. She is one of the easiest people you will ever meet to talk to. She has all the tools to make you feel amazing, and she did!! Looking forward to seeing her again, and picking up where we left off.

~ Whiskey


With a marvelously athletic body and a totally chill demeanor, Becca strikes me as perfect for first-timers and experienced "friends" alike. Couldn't have asked for a more fun experience, and in a world where (at least) appearing to enjoy yourself is obviously one of the job requirements, what stood out was how genuine both her interest and enjoyment appeared. I believe that she totally loves what she does and both knows her body well and appreciates it! Just a great mix of total pro - she's very clear about being safe and healthy, didn't blink an eye when I was fast - and genuinely into getting to know her friends and cater to their preferences, without ever seeming mechanical. Had a terrific time and will definitely see her again. (Also: man, what a perfect athletic body.)

~ BestBe


I was fortunate enough to meet Becca while she was traveling through my city.   Becca communicates well, and I felt very relaxed when we met. I was very impressed with her looks and attitude, she really was into our time together. Becca is very smart and fun to be with; I will definitely be seeing her in the future!

~ Xxm


I would call her the closest thing to a girlfrined without the strings. My time with her was without time. Definitely no clock watching. She is willing to do whatever it takes as long as "safety" is respected. Other reviews commented about her enjoying being the recipient of excitement. It was great. Her noises were muffled, she had her hand buried in her mouth to hold down the noise. We enjoyed each other, at least I did. And when the event was over. She snuggled up to me (like a girlfriend) and we just enjoyed each others company, and I just know. That if I had it in me, she would of welcomed more.

It was refreshing to have company, that did not have any drama. She is well educated. Very cute, and pleasant! Just a pleasure to have in my company.

I can't wait to see her again. I enjoyed the touch and smell of her. A nice bronzed body, smooth soft skin, silky hair. And wonderfully perky and firm breasts. OH Yea,, an ass to die for!

~ Mark


Wow! What an intense lady she is. First thought in my mind was "she's a beauty and that booty is real!". She's was very vocal throughout our time together and although I'm not much into D*TY, I just couldn't resist and dove right in with her giving directions and words of approval. Then the view from behind was surreal... I thought again "this booty is real".

I truly enjoyed my time with Rebecca and I'll repeat any time.

~ Pure


Rebecca has a lot of great reviews, and great pictures, so probably doesn't need another one, but here is the thing. This girl is special in the best kind of way. If I had to sum it up I'd say she has a shining erotic persona with the body to back it up.
Very smart and sassy, she can "conversate"your ass off (if you like) and you will laugh. Then she will rock your world. Period.
I seriously don't know what to can't get an idea of what she is like until you meet her.
She's passionate, and she throws herself into it.
Been struggling to come up with a review that does her justice.
I give up.
She kicked my ass in the best way possible is all I know.
Treat her very, very, well.

~ Bink


This is a short review of a 1 hour visit with the lovely Rebecca.

We agreed on a very early (4am - before I had to go to work) morning engagement. Everything lined up as it should when two people know how to effectively communicate. I was directed via a phone call to her convenient and discreet, private place.

Upon arriving, I was greeted at the door with a warm, confident hug and reassuring smile. She was wearing a sexy black bra and panties. We headed back to her cozy room where we chit-chatted a bit while she rubbed my shoulders. She is very funny, smart, and easy to talk to.

We both got comfortable and the time moved along nicely; much like a girlfriend minus a couple of the so-called “prerequisites” …..She is a safety first woman. Didn’t matter to me as her passion and skills encouraged me to get to the outcome I desired with this little beauty. Not going to go into a full play by play but trust me, you will not leave unsatisfied…she just flat out won’t let you!

She is Tall, has a pretty face, knockout body, great breasts, and my god that derriere.

If you read her website completely, all the information you will need for her to consider you for an appointment is right there. I highly recommend you try and see her, you won’t regret it

~ Wobb


I had noticed Rebecca Baby for a long time and finally decided to reach out. Glad I did, she has a terrific body, and even greater energy. The entire time I got to see her was a lot of fun, she's cool in every single way

~ Flash


Truth be told i have had an eye for Becca ever since i first joined. Here i am several years later and just now making it happen. What can i say....

I had a GREAT overall experience with Becca, she was very personable and easy to talk too, i found her to be a responsible and dependable person, communications were great, she came to my place, she was spot on time and respected my wishes perfectly for a discreet and no drama arrival.

When she arrived, I greeted her at the door, at my request to dress casual, she was wearing a casual top and some black yoga type pants which did a wonderful job in showing off "in my opinion" her absolutely perfect Ass!

I invited her in we spent some time talking getting to know one another, hobbies, likes and dislikes etc... then moved into the bedroom, Becca quickly lost what she was wearing and was standing before me in sexy panties and bra, just a heavenly site. Ill be honest i have had a "tingly feeling" for Becca's nice ass and buttery smooth shapely yet firm curves for quite some time now. With that in mind i had a few must get to fun experiences for our time together. Becca's perfect mixture of dirty talk and encouragement had me more turned on than anything did. I could have spent the rest of my weekend there. I didnt peg her for much of a dirty talker, but she was pretty good at it. Always love a girl who can dish out some quality dirty talk and not have it seem fake. Shes got a thing for cleanliness and i like that about her. Becca is garden fresh and as sweet as they come. Ill definitely be back for more!

After our playtime was over we cuddled on the bed and talked for a few then cleaned up ended our session with a hug and goodbye.

~ BirdD


Meeting Rebecca for the first time was very enjoyable. She is beautiful, smart and easy to talk with. She has a real enthusiasm for what she does which is something that I notice and appreciate. It made the visit with her even that much more exciting. She has an amazing, toned fit body and a fun personality. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her again



Good to know: Becca is smart, easy to talk to, and super sexy!

Need to know: Becca has a backside feature that is absolutely amazing. If you consider yourself an 'ass man', you NEED to spend some time with Becca. The view from behind is unreal...and literally unforgettable. Not a day has passed since our meeting that I haven't thought of this certain position and smiled.

~ Ryan


Initially planned to met Becca in early August but the tryst was delayed until September. The wait was worth it. She is smart, witty, beautiful and confident. She immediately put me at ease allowing me to completely enjoy her company. The pleasure stayed with me after our rendezvous ended and there seems to be endless adventurous possibilities with her that are still to be discovered. Her pics are arguably accurate but no match for meeting her in person. Her skin is flawless, beautiful breast, long legs, a wonderful ass, perfect height and weight. An hour was just not enough. Unfortunately thats all the time I scheduled. I left Becca looking forward to forward to a future visit.

~ Tom



I found Rebecca Baby to be a study in contrasts. On the one hand she is intelligent, educated, good looking, and classy. On the other hand, when she chooses to be, she can be the very embodiment of a porn star.

~ Old


Fetish Fantasies


I had heard from another woman that Becca was great for fetish. WOW is that the truth!
I met with Becca for a fetish visit while she was in my city and it was simply UNBELIEVABLE! There are some women that I would describe as willing to perform fetish activities and offer them. There are other women, like Becca, that have an amazing amount of enthusiasm and seem to truly enjoy the activity. There is a big difference between what I call the "ya, I can do that" and the "brace for impact" types. Rebecca is simply amazing at what she does.
She is a great deal of fun and very open and easy to talk to. Her non-fetish skills are some of the best I have had as well! I believe I have found my new ATF.
There is no doubt in my mind I will be seeing Rebecca baby again.

Time spent with Rebecca Baby is simply an amazing experience. I enjoyed a mind blowing time that took me to the limits of how much pleasure is possible! She truly enjoys what she does and that makes the experience all the more fun. I walked away feeling drained but in the most amazing way.

~ Discreet


It's been too long since I last saw Rebecca Baby, but a quick email from her that she'd be passing through lit a fire in me to see her again. From our last meeting I remembered her perfectly pedicured feet, a Dominant demeanor, and a super sexual and erotic lady, I was hoping for more of the same.

Rebecca added fuel to the fire with a little tease and torment in email as we worked on setting a time. She did not disappoint, in fact, as she has grown in the fetish side of things, Rebecca has gotten even better...if that's even possible.

Morning of the appointment, Her place was very clean and well kept. She answered the door in a beautiful teddy, with panties and heels. She was just as gorgeous as I remembered and looked stunning. Formalities out of the way, she asked me to sit and chat a bit, more so to catch up since our last get together and discuss what lay ahead. I of course, took this opportunity to slip her heels off and rub her feet.

Rebecca's feet are perfectly manicured size 9 1/2s to 10's, depending on the shoe. Super soft soles and very, very long toes. She was fresh from the shower and had been wearing socks to keep her feet fresh for me and they were absolutely perfect. Needless to say, Rebecca is very sensual and erotic and it didn't take much massaging of her feet to get her warmed up. Her toes were to my lips and she was ready for much more intense worship and adoration.

Rebecca enjoys a good firm massage, not too hard and definitely not soft, but a solid kneading of her soles. She definitely enjoys her toes sucked, one at a time or even several at a time. A tongue between her toes, gets her purring....and nibbling (soft and gentle) on her soles makes her moan.

Rebecca is very into the fetish side of things and enjoys strength and power over her "prey". She is fit and athletic, with very powerful legs. Of course she does enjoy showing that power and was eager to wrap her legs around my head and neck to demonstrate just how powerful they are. If you haven't experienced leg scissors from a lady that truly enjoys applying them...Rebecca is your girl. Not to mention that, even though you are in pain, you end up with an amazing view of her beautiful quim and delicious ass.

Time flew by, but Rebecca is not a clock watcher
.  My time with Rebecca ran well over, so I compensated her for the additional time before she even had to ask.  She was amazing the first time I saw her and even more amazing this time. She is highly recommended and I do plan on trying to see her as often as she comes this way. Remember that YMMV, but Rebecca is a gem.

~ Ret


I had heard from another provider that Becca was great for fetish. WOW is that the truth!
I met with Becca for a fetish visit while she was in Corvallis and it was simply UNBELIEVABLE! There are some women that I would describe as willing to perform fetish activities and offer them. There are other women, like Becca, that have an amazing amount of enthusiasm and seem to truly enjoy the activity. There is a big difference between what I call the "ya, I can do that" and the "brace for impact" types. Rebecca is simply amazing at what she does.
She is a great deal of fun and very open and easy to talk to. Her non-fetish skills are some of the best I have had as well! I believe I have found my new ATF.
There is no doubt in my mind I will be seeing Rebecca baby again.

~ Jimmy


In reviewing Rebecca I will start by saying her reviewing is very discreet and easy, you will feel very secure.  Once screening is done all future meets and referrals will be very seamless.  

I have seen Rebecca multiple times over the years, she has always been accommodating to my schedule when she is in the area and has even traveled to see me while I was traveling.  She always gives me as much advance notice as she can when coming to the area.  She is an absolute beautiful, HWP, attractive gals that you will meet.  We have met in hotel bars for drinks prior to sessions and she can easily hold a conversation!

For the “details”.  Rebecca is probably one of the most safety conscious and clean woman I know and for me that makes our time even more enjoyable knowing that I don’t have to worry about taking something home....  Rebecca also really seems to enjoy her work, both in terms of giving and receiving.  Love the expressions on her face when she is enjoying.  She is also one of my ATF’s for fetishes.  She will rock your world in anything that has to do with pegging / p-massage.  She is literally one of the most experienced people I have been lucky enough to meet for fetishes..  if you're at all thinking about a session, I would highly recommend..

Lastly I almost ALWAYS do 3-4 hour sessions and I HIGHLY recommend that to anyone!


~ Pilot


I have seen Rebecca a couple of times and and had fantastic time on each occasion. She is truly a professional and enjoys what she does. Set up and communication were easy and responses always prompt. Hygiene is important to her (as it should be to all of us) so I was sure to be clean as a whistle for our visit, which she appreciated. She is a safety girl, but more than makes up for it in other ways (check out her website). She accommodated my outfit requests and looked fantastic. Her pics are accurate and she has a pretty face. Easy going and fun to talk to, and able to assume any ROLE the situation may dictate. She is enthusiastic and our time was up before I knew it. Always leave happy after our visits. Highly recommend!

~ Havoc

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