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Donations listed are non-negotiable and are for my time and companionship only.


Any discussion of donations or activities involved will automatically terminate all communication, including in person.



*** 100% SAFE 100% of the time! ***

Upon entering my room, please set out any gifts you have for me in an open area for the both of us to see, no envelopes required. 

Then excuse yourself to the restroom and please wash your hands

WITH SOAP 20+ Seconds

*** I will not let anyone walk through my fantasies with dirty hands - so keep them clean :) ***

Go Ahead
It Is Time To Spoil Yourself
You Deserve It

Getting Acquainted

200 - 60 Mins of Strictly Social Event (No In Room Time) - M&G, Dinner, Coffee, Drinks, Movie, etc.

*** Can not to be added on to another duration of time ***

400+ Per Month for regular texting / photos / short videos / limited phone conversations.  The more you want or require the more I may ask for a month.  This does not mean I will communicate every single day, but I will often stay in contact.


Having Fun    

260 – 30 Mins

400 – 60 Mins

500 – 90 Mins

700 – 120 Mins

800 - 180 Mins

1000 – 4 Hrs Dinner Date ( + 100 if we eat in )

I truly enjoy and prefer longer engagements that allow us time to explore your every desire. 
Establishing a true companion experience for the both of us.

Having Fun


1600 – 8 Hrs Day Outdoor Adventure (+600 if we stay in)

2000 – 12 Hrs Overnight (Includes sleeping)

2400 - 12 Hrs Day Adventure (+600 if we stay in)

Enjoying Life To The Fullest

Traveling Companion - Ultimate Experience


*** Passport Ready & Scuba Certified ***


The possibilities are endless on where we could go and

the fun that we will have!


(Excluding all expenses: flights, hotel, rental car, food, drinks, souvenirs)


3500 – 24 Hours

6000 – 2 Days

8000 – 3 Days

9000 - 4 Days

10,000 – 5 Days

14,000 - 7 Days

Gratuity & Gifts
Never expected - ALWAYS Appreciated 


Although gifts are never expected they are always appreciated.  A thoughtful gift always puts a smile on my face and provides me with a constant reminder of you :)


Gift cards: On-Line Shopping - Amazon, Victoria Secret, Nike, Adidas, Nordstrom, Yandy and many more (I always have a cart going somewhere of things I want).

Airline, Gas, Restaurant and Spa!


Wooden Wick Candles - Tropical scent (My Favorite), Vanilla, NO Cinnamon or Lavendar


Lingerie (36B  / large panties)

Shoe Size 9.5


Or anything you think I might like or reminds you of me.  

~~~ Gratuity & Gifts Definitely Make You Shine and My Memory Never Fade ~~~

Either they like you or they don't. Never try to convince somebody of your worth. If a person doesn't appreciate you, they don't deserve you. Respect yourself and be with people who truly value "you".

- Brigittle Nicole

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